Week 2/3 – Reality Bites Back


This old drawing of Anna’s sums up my feelings after Week 3 … Life is moving so fast and I am so disorganized that it all seems be congealing into one big mess. I don’t feel like I’ve got a handle on Anna’s curriculum and any ideas that I have are too disjointed to form any meaningful Lesson Plan. Thankfully, my wife has been tracking Anna’s hours and offering up some daily guidance. Anna is currently averaging about 4.4 hours of school work per day, which is just shy of the 4.5 hours per day she needs to finish the year on time. Not too bad.

Last weekend they drove down to the Field Museum in Chicago and spent time looking at ancient Mediterranean civilizations, the specimens exhibit, and the evolution exhibit. During the week, Anna finished her first video, made meatballs with Grandma (Home Ec. at home!), and even received a request from my wife’s cousin’s husband to make a new video for one of his songs. The days are still filled with a lot of Ted talks and distractions (particularly the release of the new season of Stranger Things) but the wheels aren’t completely off the school bus yet!

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