The Roller-Coaster Less Traveled

After the big decision on Thursday, the next couple of days were a blur of brainstorming and planning:


  • My wife filled out the Homeschool Enrollment Form and we started researching homeschooling resources.
  • Over dinner at the Milwaukee Ale House, an extended group of family members generated several pages of curriculum ideas. Some of them were pretty far-fetched but I think everything is on the table at this point.
  • We settled on four broad categories of study, including: Creating; Learning; Socializing; and Moving.


  • We spent part of the day organizing the house in preparation for its new role.
  • In the evening, we received a note from Anna’s doctor suggesting that she may have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PSOC) … a problem whose symptoms can include fatigue and depression. This was a little overwhelming at first — the kid just can’t seem to catch a break — but if this is the underlying cause of some of her problems than it might be considered a win.


  • We finalized the Day 1 learning plan and set up a blog to record our activities.
  • Anna will continue to take one class at the local high school (Art) so grandma will be dropping her off and picking her up every day until Anna gets her driver’s license.
  • We spent the afternoon with family watching the Packer game. At least no one in the family broke their collarbone.
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